Woman shares 'genius' movie hack will change the way you travel 1 month ago

Woman shares 'genius' movie hack will change the way you travel


The latest hack to go viral on TikTok has been branded has "genius" and will change the way you travel on a plane.


In a recent episode her podcast, finance expert Queenie Tan explained how you can watch any film you want on a flight even if it doesn't have built in TV screens – and without the hassle of spending money on different gadgets.

Using nothing more than a tissue and a smartphone, she said: "So [they] took off the case of their phone and they basically put a napkin in between the case and the phone.

"Then you just get the napkin and wedge it in between the tray holder … and it’s basically the same thing."

This hack is a complete game changer, and those who have tried it out can confirm that it works a treat.

@investwithqueenie S2 E5 ?️ Napkin tray holder travel hack ? have you tried this before? You can check out my bio for the full podcast! #travel #travelhack #travelhacks #traveltips ♬ original sound - Queenie Tan

One person commented: "I did that, but it puts pressure on the buttons if you do it on the wrong side."

Another said: "I do this all the time."

While a third added: "Doesn't work when the tray is like not even head level... so you're literally staring down at the time."


Another hack to note when travelling by plane is one by TikToker @kristenashleyblack who has the perfect way we can make the most of the lesser amounts of luggage and fit more clothes into our smaller personal bags.

Kristen has revealed just how you can make more room in your bag, and it also ensures that the trip is comfortable for your flight.

@kristenashleyblack #répondre à @spidermark790 made it to Daily Mail & everything lol #mostviralvideo ♬ son original - Kristen Black

Kristen shows how you can make a knitted jumper to make a “DIY neck pillow”, by rolling up the jumper and tying the sleeves together.


Giving more room in her backpack, the difference it makes by taking out the jumper, as it takes up way more space than you'd imagine.

The captions with Kristen’s video read: “How to pack for your Ryanair flight when you have zero luggage allowance.”

Sharing another hack, she wrote: “Use your hat for the souvenirs you bought during ya trip.”

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