'I hope we’re lucky': Georgie Crawford on how cancer has affected her baby plans 4 years ago

'I hope we’re lucky': Georgie Crawford on how cancer has affected her baby plans

Georgie Crawford has been fighting cancer for the past ten months.

The radio presenter underwent intense chemotherapy and radiotherapy during this time. Now that she is on the mend, she wants to get back to the reality of everyday life and that means getting back behind the microphone at Spin 103.8.


The brave mama of one said she would love to extend her family but its something that she can't do at the moment due to her cancer treatment.

Georgie's daughter Pia is 17-months old. Since having the little one, she has had to take a drug called Tamoxifin which means she can not carry a baby.


But the proud mum said she has come to accept this. She told the Irish Sun:

"I have a gorgeous healthy baby that I’m so grateful for."

"We’re just going to enjoy her and let me fully recover before we look to the next step."

The 32-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2017. Herself and her husband Jamie decided to freeze some of her embryos just in case her treatment had an impact on her fertility.


Speaking about their decision to do so, the Dublin woman said:

“It gives me a lot of peace of mind and I feel really lucky that I was able to do that. If I could have six babies, I would."

“I hope we’re lucky enough to have another baby."

Georgie said months of treatment has left her suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Now that she is on the road to recovery, she is focusing on her mental health.