Get to Galway tomorrow to nab yourself tickets to Electric Picnic! 2 years ago

Get to Galway tomorrow to nab yourself tickets to Electric Picnic!

Brought to you by AIB. 

Well festival lovers, have you got your ticket to Electric Picnic?

Perhaps you have, or maybe, you were one of those who just missed getting one by the skin of your teeth. Unfortunate indeed. But we have a little something that might add to your day, AND your summer.

There’s set to be random pop-up activity happening in Galway tomorrow, courtesy of AIB, along with the chance to WIN tickets to EP – so make sure to get there! We aren’t going to give too much away right now but what we can ensure is that it’ll be a terrific chance to get your hands on those much wanted EP tickets. There are oodles to be won.

Those who get there will also be in with a chance to win LOTS of handy festival gear (we can confirm it’s actually super trendy and useful).

Why all the fuss? Well, besides giving our readers a last chance to grab some Electric Picnic tickets (at a Galway location that has yet to be revealed on AIB's Instagram) it’s also happening because AIB want to highlight the fact that they're bringing contactless payments to Electric Picnic 2018!

Over the festival weekend, you can also take part in oodles of super fun pop-up activities (keep an eye out for those) including contactless dating. Even a chance at love awaits.

So, until the festival kicks off, get yourself to Galway and keep a close eye on AIB’s Instagram page to see exactly where you need to get to! Good luck everyone.

Brought to you by AIB.