Stuck on gift giving? Here are 6 household must-haves that would make any home better 2 years ago

Stuck on gift giving? Here are 6 household must-haves that would make any home better

Brought to you by Littlewoods Ireland

It can be hard coming up with gift ideas.


You're always trying to get just the right thing, a gift that fits exactly with their personality, when often, the perfect gift is something pretty simple.

Take a coffee maker, for example. Everyone needs one of those in their house but if you buy a good coffee maker for a proper coffee lover, they'll be thanking you for years. Just because you choose a gift that a lot of people would appreciate, it doesn't mean it's any less personal.

Now that we've given that crucial bit of advice (you're welcome), we thought we'd make things even easier for you by putting together a list of six of the best household items that anyone would love as a gift.

You can get these all at Littlewoods Ireland where, FYI, they're currently having their Black Friday sale. (Yes, ladies and gents, it has already started!) So whether you're on the hunt for some gifts or you want to update a few of your own home goods (totally acceptable - the season of giving includes yourself too!), these are sure to tick all the right boxes and for pretty wonderful prices, we must say.


1. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer - was €596.99, now €319.99

This may seem like a big spend but these mixers are honestly the best you can get and they last years. It's one payout and then you've got perfect baking for the rest of your life (not bad, eh?). Plus with the Black Friday Sale, that price is an absolute steal.

2. Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - was €709.99, now €549.99


A hoover, you ask? Well, obviously because you've never hoovered with one of these before. We know it sounds crazy but this actually makes hoovering fun (and that's coming from some hoover-haters over here). Even if it doesn't make it fun, though, it definitely makes it SO much simpler. No more dragging around a huge rolling box and constantly plugging and unplugging wires as you move around the house. It makes cleaning the house a whole lot easier and anything that does that is a godsend in our books.

3. Tassimo My Way Coffee Machine - was €179.99, now €79.99


Give a woman a coffee, caffeinate them for a day, give her a coffee maker and you can pretty much take credit for every productive thing she does in life (at least that's what we do). Just look at this beauty - whether you want an espresso, an americano, or a latte, it has your back. No matter what your coffee preferences are - if you want it strong, weak, or pretty much water, it knows what it's doing. And just look at Black Friday price: €100 off. Sure it'd be rude not to.

4. Morphy Richards 50 Litre Chroma Square Sensor Bin - was €79.99, now €55.99

We get that you may not get as excited as we do about a bin but, lads, it's sensory. It opens without you having to touch it. For all us germaphobes out here, it's all we've really been asking for in life. We mean, sure, this probably isn't a gift to be picking up for the new boyfriend who we're still trying to impress, but it's certainly a gift we will be giving ourselves. Merry Christmas to us, ladies. Just think how clean and high-tech our kitchen will be.

5. Tefal ActiFry Original Plus with Snacking Tray - was €149.99, now €134.99


Because oven chips just don't cut it and you know it. This has got to be one of the best fryers out there - it's super compact so you can shove it in the cupboard and pull it out when you need to, plus it's really to clean so you don't have to worry about it looking grubby with any grease stains. It even has a snacking tray for when you're by yourself or you just want a few nibbles to keep you going.

6. Morphy Richards Evoke 3.5-litre Manual Slow Cooker - was €25.99, now €19.99

For all the gourmet chefs among us, or at least for those of us who want to appear as gourmet chefs. Really, everyone should have a slow cooker in their kitchen. It takes SO much of the hassle out of cooking and means you can have a delicious meal waiting for you as soon as you get home. Slow cookers are great for properly mixing together all your flavours, giving you a delicious-tasting meal. So if you know anyone who considers themselves a foodie, it's a must-have. Plus, at €20, it's a wonderful gift that looks a whole lot more expensive than it actually is. Ideal.

Now, tell us those aren't items that everyone should have in their homes. Often household items get overlooked as Christmas gifts but they're some of the best things you could buy a person. Honestly, we'd be thrilled if we got any one of these.

If they aren't quite your style though, or you had something specific in mind that you wanted to pick up this Christmas season, you can head over to the Littlewoods Ireland website where they have already begun their Black Friday Sale.

Hurrah to not going broke!

Brought to you by Littlewoods Ireland

Black Friday has launched early at Littlewoods Ireland and they've got up to 40 percent off on selected branded fashion, just in time for sparkle season, up to 40 percent off selected fragrances, and up to 40 percent on gifts for the home, so you'll be sorted in all aspects of life. 

All prices were correct at the point of publishing.