Gift guide: Christmas presents for the gym bunnies in your life 9 months ago

Gift guide: Christmas presents for the gym bunnies in your life

We've all got that one mate.

The one who's mad into the gym. Who goes spinning four times a week. Who pretends like heading to a quick KO8 class on their lunch break is normal.

Because spoilers: it is not.

However, we do not judge these people. Rather, we simply buy them lovely gym-based gifts this Christmas because that is what they enjoy.


Dumbbell tower - €53.99 - Littlewoods 

Alright, we're starting expensive, but these dumbbells are the good lads and will show your gift receiver that you are, indeed, the best person at buying gym-based presents that ever existed.

Because they're extremely high quality and also not cheap at all.

The dream.




Nike trainers - €60.00 - JD Sports 

Look lads, you're probably not going to get that much cheaper if you want a solid pair of kicks.

And the below are both solid as well as being super cute.

So if you fancy splashing out for someone you love (it's 60 quid like, that is not to be taken lightly), there's a decent selection of footwear in JDs at the moment - including the below.

Smug pilates band set - €22.12 - ASOS

Because who among us truly doesn't love a pilates band? And being smug? Delightful.

Gym bunnies love a good big stretch, and now you can help them achieve this stretch by providing them with a few lovely coloured gym bands.


Rose gold steel water bottle - €35.00 - Urban Outfitters 

Sustainability is all the rage these days, guys - and you know what that means.

No more plastic single-use bottles. Steel beverage containers everywhere.

It is simply the way the world is going, and we are extremely fine with that.

So is your mate who's been looking for a new gym bottle for the past two months and is hoping that you'll pick her up this lovely rose gold one for Christmas.


Hit Fitness Mini Trampoline - €39.95 -

OK, savage.

Irrespective of whether you're into the gym or not, everybody loves a trampoline.

And this is one is almost half price so you absolutely won't break the bank when purchasing it for your mate who just loves a good ol' bounce.

Pink Soda sports bra - €22.00 - JD Sports 

Reduced to clear never looked so good.

If you are buying for a gift for a gal who loves the gym, and this gal does indeed have breasts, then chances are she'll need a nice sports bra in her life.

This here is a perfect example.

Yoga mat - €16.00 - Littlewoods 

Does what it says on the tin, this one.

As per our previous discussion on pilates, yoga is also pretty good for the gym obsessed lad or lass in your life who may or may not need a good stretch.

The above mat will allow them to engage in some deep moves to their heart's delight. And it's cheap enough too. Sorted for the Kris Kindle, imo.

BackBaller Double Foam Roller - €60.00 -

Aches and pains? Joint stiffness? Sore back?

If the above sounds like anybody you know, do them a solid this Christmas and get them a lovely double foam roller.

The dream for any gym-head. 

Bobble bottle - €16.95 - Arnotts 

Just like the aforementioned steel bottle, the Bobble bottle has been putting single-use plastic to shame for many, many years.

They're a gym classic, after all, so if you're looking for something standard to present to your mate this year, look no further than the below.

Nike gym bag - €24.00 - Lifestyle Sports 

Imagine the things your gym bunny could fit in here: their trainers, their sports bra, their aforementioned Bobble bottle.

It's a spacious, decent bag, and hey, it's not actually all that expensive either, which is always a delightful thing one wants to hear when purchasing a gift for another human being.



(*All prices are not inclusive of delivery.)