This girl lost her hair after using a budget hair treatment 5 years ago

This girl lost her hair after using a budget hair treatment

A girl is speaking out about losing her hair after she used a budget hair relaxer at home.

In a video on her Youtube channel, Hannah Forcier explained that she was a natural brunette before she decided to bleach her hair and dye it pink last year.


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"I use my hair as a whole other thing to express myself and then the other day everything kind of changed," she said.

Then, in October of this year, she decided to use a hair relaxant cream, a chemical-heavy product that makes hair straighter and smoother.


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She picked one up from a chemists, put it on herself and let it set but as Hannah's hair was already weak from being bleached, things went badly wrong.

"I started to wash it out and it started feeling really clumpy, and (it) started falling out," she said.


"I could feel my hair coming out and going down my back. And you could hear it splashing in the water."

She went to a local salon in the hope that they'd be able to save her hair.

"They told me that my hair was now too short and there was nothing they could do about it.


"The only thing that they could think to do was to just cut it all off."

"I went from this bubbly, fun bleach blonde to a timid, self loathing broken girl," she wrote in a recent Instagram post.

"I didn’t feel like me anymore, which is hard for some people to understand."

In another recent video, Hannah admitted that she had read warnings about using the product on already damaged hair and takes full responsibility for what happened to her.


She admitted that at first she over-compensated with extra makeup and accessories to look 'like a girl' but has decided against that now.

"I would just rather not wear it at all and then try and find it in me to feel right."