Should you open up about your ex on a first date? 1 year ago

Should you open up about your ex on a first date?

We're a little puzzled by this one.

We thought that one of the cardinal rules of dating is to not discuss an ex on a first date.


Because tbh, if a lad started chatting about his ex when things are only heating up, I'd be a bit worried he's still into her. Wouldn't you?

Well, this expert claims that talking about exes on first dates is all well and good. In fact, we should do it.

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Relationship expert, James Preece, believes that while most people talking about an ex to a new love interest is a bad sign - he thinks the opposite. He believes it means they ARE over them.

Speaking to the Independent, James said: “If you can joke about the situation, it's a clear sign you are ready to move on.”

Dating psychologist Madeleine Mason agrees, saying that: “There is no harm in swapping stories and if the relationships have been significant; the experiences from there can be valuable in getting to know someone."

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She also notes that if a potential partner doesn't like you talking about, it could be a warning sign.

“If your date is jealous of you simply having a healthy relationship history, it’s a red flag which is better to see sooner rather than later."

Would you talk about an ex on a first date?