Groom kicks out wedding guests after they all wear white 1 year ago

Groom kicks out wedding guests after they all wear white

He outlined how his family has a toxic history of "testing" newcomers.

A groom took to Reddit to share that he kicked out a number of female guests from his wedding - including his mother - who decided to pull a prank by showing up to the event in white.


On the subreddit Am I The A**hole?, the 33-year-old man explained what happened, and how he received backlash for asking them to leave.

He explained that he has a large family, and that his female relatives formed a "unit" and like to "test" new people joining to family to "see if they deserve to be part of the family".

He admits that this is "kind of toxic" as the teasing leads the new family members to lose confidence.

When he introduced his partner to the family, he made it clear that he did not want them to test her.


He wrote: "I made it clear that I didn't want any of the women in the unit to come at her or harass her not even with a single word. They went behind my back and roasted her looks and job and I discovered they've been doing it on Facebook."

The groom outlined how they only apologised when he threatened to uninvite them from the wedding.

As the wedding approached, he heard rumours that his female relatives planned to show up dressed in white. When he confronted them on this, they denied it.


He continued: "They showed up to my wedding one by one wearing white dresses and each and every one of them was told to leave after they tried giving excuses by either making scenes or getting the men involved.

"I threatened to take harsher action and mom was pissed telling me to step aside but I didn't let her in. I had her leave while the men in the family were watching stunned, dad was on my side and supported me a lot. I felt absolutely awful because my wedding was being interrupted by them making scenes."

He went on to say that his wife was "hurt beyond measure". In the aftermath, his cousin "blasted" him on social media and they excluded him from all other family events.

In the comments, everyone agreed that the groom was definitely not in the wrong, and that it sounded like his family members were using "teasing" and "testing" as an excuse to bully newcomers.