This guy has an easy but very odd hack to get a better night's sleep 5 months ago

This guy has an easy but very odd hack to get a better night's sleep

We'll try just about anything to get a good night's sleep.

And there's plenty of advice out there to aid you in that task. There's not sleeping in the same room with your phone, getting more magnesium in your diet, adopting the best position in bed, and even availing of a head hammock to sleep on the go.

But aside from all that, one sleep expert has another way to hack your sleep - and this solution is very "shady".


Glenn Landry, a postdoctoral research student at Canada's University of British Columbia, suggests wearing sunglasses for two hours before bed every night.

"We have artificial sources of light available to us 24 hours a day," Landry told CBC News.

"We've got our laptops with us, and we're doing email and we're watching TV late at night. And so we're getting light at night [which] impacts our circadian rhythms, our daily biological rhythms.

"Beginning at eight at night, two hours before [the] time I want to go to bed, I wear sunglasses. Not because my future's so bright, but because I'm trying to avoid light. I'm trying to tell my clock that this is the end of the day."

 It works the other way too. Landry argues that not getting enough exposure to natural light during the day has knock-on effects at night too." The long-term impact of that hasn't really been evaluated," he said. "But it can't be good for us and it's probably leading to increased circadian dysregulation."

We're intrigued.