This guy went to extreme lengths to find a girl he left-swiped on Tinder 3 years ago

This guy went to extreme lengths to find a girl he left-swiped on Tinder

It happens to the best of us.

For those of us well-versed in the world on online dating, and let’s be honest, most singletons are, we can all definitely relate to Hayden’s plight here.


You know the scenario - in a fit of being a Picky Pauline, you left-swipe every possible option as you delude yourself into believing the “perfect match” will appear like a star in a cloudy sky.

However, all you're left with is no right swipes and, therefore, no matches. Well, in that left-moving rampage, you sometimes accidentally overlook some serious gems but before you know it, as if from memory, your thumb has ruined all chances with them.

Well, Hayden knows that situation all too well as he accidentally left-swiped on a girl he shouldn’t have – Claudia.

However, in a bid to rectify the situation, Hayden decided the only acceptable and reasonable thing to do would be to email all the Claudias who attend his college in the hopes of tracking the real Claudia down.

“Hello all Claudias of Missouri State,” started the email. "I made a rookie mistake on Tinder."

Hayden went on to explain his dilemma before seeking help from the community of Claudias he brought together.


“I accidentally swiped left on a Claudia’s profile and I really wanted to swipe right.”

After describing Claudia’s profile in detail, Hayden made his plea.

“I’m asking if this is your profile that I described, please message me back with ‘right’ or ‘left’ just so I know if you’re interested or not. If you choose ‘right’ we could totally get some donuts or something but if you choose ‘left’ that’s cool too.”

Well, Claudia saw the email and shared it on Twitter.


“This guy literally emailed every Claudia at Missouri State to find me on Tinder.”

Queue tonnes of Twitter users begging for studio execs to turn this into a film.



It wasn't long until Hayden and Claudia finally got in contact, however, no news yet as to whether or not she said 'left' or 'right'.