This hack shows you how to get rid of a hangover in 30 seconds 2 months ago

This hack shows you how to get rid of a hangover in 30 seconds

Definitely worth a shot.

A woman on TikTok has shared a hack where she claims she can cure a hangover in only 30 seconds.


As most of us are unlucky enough to know, waking up the day after a few drinks is never fun - and it doesn't get any easier the older you get.

While most of us turn to a McDonald's breakfast, a bottle of Lucozade or a simple coffee to revive ourselves, apparently we've all been doing it wrong all this time.

Despite knowing the best way to not be hungover is to simply take it easy on a night out, sometimes we go slightly off the rails and if we find this happening, there is one thing to fix it.

According to @ashyizzle on TikTok, the best thing to do when you're really feeling awful the morning after is to dunk your head in a bowl of ice cold water.


Dunking your head into the water might be the last thing you'd think of doing while hungover, or the last thing you'd want to do, but according to experts, it works.

@ashyizzle HACK CHECK ✔️ #hangovercure ♬ Funny Song - Cavendish Music

This hack first started going viral when Dr Chris Jackson, a doctor of pharmacy from Texas, shared the hack on social media and it blew up from there.

Now, TikToker Ashley has revived the hack, advising her followers to keep their head in the water for as long as they can to feel better.


After dunking her head in a second time, Ashley then looks around hoping her hangover has gone when she exclaims: "I feel amazing.

"Felt awake and alert, looked like all the pores on mg face disappeared, and golly all my nausea was gone [sic]."