Here are the biggest tattoo trends for 2019 (according to Pinterest) 4 years ago

Here are the biggest tattoo trends for 2019 (according to Pinterest)

Pinterest is great, isn't it?

It's one of those places you can go to to get inspiration for just about everything, from home decor to brunch recipes; travel inspiration to hairstyles.


But it turns out the website is also one of the places people turn to when they're looking what kind of tattoo to get.

Yes, that's right: there have been more than a billion searches of tattoos on Pinterest, with tattoos among the top 20 search terms in the site in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Now, Pinterest have released a report looking towards the biggest 'ink-spiration' and tattoo trends for 2019.

Red ink tattoos were the most popular design people were searching for, with a 2,401 per cent increase in searches last year.


That was followed by 3-D tattoos (491 per cent) and minimalistic line tattoos (471 per cent).


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The social media site also looked at the most searched-for designs among those who self-identify as women - and there was definitely a noticeable trend.


The five top-searched designs are:

  1. Small

  2. Flower

  3. Rose

  4. Sunflower

  5. Finger tattoos

Besides what kind of designs to get, it turns out that people also turned to Pinterest to figure out just where to get that ink.

There was a 2,337 per cent increase in searches of side boob tattoos, while lower leg inkings were the second most popular at a 1,625 per cent increase.


Front thigh and elegant spine tattoos were also popular among Pinterest users, at a 990 per cent increase and a 787 per cent increase respectively.

Throat tattoos for women as the fifth most popular search term, with a 671 per cent increase in searches.

Celebrity tattoo artist Winter Stone - who has previously inked Miley Cyrus, Sophie Turner and Demi Lovato - explained how beneficial Pinterest can be when it comes to finding that perfect design.

He said:

“Pinterest is often used as a tool for inspiration – I receive many boards from clients that shows a thought-out process of what they’d like to get when they see me. Pinterest has been a very useful tool in many ways.

“Clients often come in to celebrate self-love. People use tattoos as a way of marking a significant moment in time, to celebrate or remember something special.

"I see more and more clients coming in with tattoo ideas that reflect self-love such as words of affirmation or tiny symbols to use little reminders to themselves.”


You can check out the full report here