Here's how to become a better runner in one easy step, according to Ciara Mageean 3 years ago

Here's how to become a better runner in one easy step, according to Ciara Mageean

Let's be honest, running is hard.

I feel like I'm the perfect person to write this article because I ran a couple of 5Ks last week so clearly I'm now a professional. Not quite.


Like many of you out there, I long to be better at running and to achieve the elusive 'runner's high' that people talk about so frequently. Running is undeniably good for your overall health, it clearly improves your aerobic fitness, it helps with cardiovascular health PLUS it builds strength and burns calories. The only problem is, it doesn't suit everyone and it takes time to acclimatise your body.

Basically, it can be like the Marmite of exercises.

With this in mind, when the opportunity came up to chat to middle-distance athlete and Irish record holder Ciara Mageean and get some actual insight in to how to run properly, I jumped (ran?) at the chance.


Ciara has been smashing records left right and centre while most of us have been struggling with banana bread so I wanted to ask her how regular people can increase their pace and truly enjoy the process of running. The record-holder has also recently been immortalised in a new Irish children's book "Girls Play Too". The book is written by broadcaster and advocate for women's sport, Jacqui Hurley, and aims to encourage young girls to get out there and reach their goals.

We love a goal around here.

Check out our interview with Ciara below which includes an insanely simple tip that you can do TODAY that promises to help you improve your running forever. As Ciara says herself, "It's almost like a cheat because you get fit fast", who are we to argue with a champ?


You can read more about Ciara Mageean's story on how she because a world-class athlete in Jacqui Hurley's new book "Girls Play Too" which is available at Lidl stores from August 20th to September 6th.