Here’s Exactly How Many Friends You Need To Be Happy…    7 years ago

Here’s Exactly How Many Friends You Need To Be Happy…  

So no one told you life was going to be this way...

There’s nothing we love more than catching up with the girls of a weekend, so when we heard that research has revealed exactly how many friends you need in order to be happy, we just had to read more.


According to an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Oxford, the fifteen closest relationships to you – including family – are the most crucial in terms of both your physical and mental health.

Dr. Robin Dunbar also stated that if you have three to five “vital friendships”, in other words, people who you meet up with on a regular basis, you’ll be quite content.

His research also revealed that the human brain cannot hold a close relationship with more than 150 people during your lifetime so don’t bother worrying about your friend count on Facebook lads, because as the doctor says, it just doesn't really matter.

And after all that? Well, we now have the theme tune from Friends stuck in our heads...