Here's how you can get a free holiday in Italy 5 years ago

Here's how you can get a free holiday in Italy

Where do we sign up?

We could all do with a holiday right now. The weather is starting to turn and winter is coming, no GOT pun intended.


So what better way to escape the dark and dreary weather than by getting a free holiday ti Italy. Yes, free!

From the 14th to 20th of November, Italian B&Bs open their doors for 'Barter Week' or "La Settimana del Baratto". Basically, they offer bed and breakfast to the person with the best offer.

Some offer their social media skills as payment, others offer photography and some will teach the owner a new language. All in all, a great way to get a free holiday to Italy.

For instance, B&B Anna in Agropoli wants someone to take photos of their property for their website. In terms of the travellers, a lot of people are offering to bring food from their native country.


Here are the three ways you can take part:

  • Choose the location you'd like to visit from the regions menu, or by typing it into the search bar. Once you've chosen the property that would suit you, contact the operator and offer what you have to barter.

  • You can check out the wishlist of the B&Bs participating in Bartering Week and see if there's something that's right for you. Then, just contact the B&B operator and say you'd like to visit in exchange for the goods or services they're looking for.

  • Enter your barter proposal into the system: you'll be contacted by managers interested in the goods or services you're willing to trade for a stay.

Now, what would we bring? McCambridge bread, Taytos or Cadburys perhaps?

Check out the website here.