Here's why you shouldn't store a condom in your purse or pocket 1 year ago

Here's why you shouldn't store a condom in your purse or pocket

Where do you keep your condoms?

In your bedside locker? In your purse? In your pocket? Nowhere because you don't use condoms for sexual activity?

Well, wherever you keep them, you'd generally hope that they don't get wrecked, or go out of date or whatever before you use them.

Not ideal.

As it turns out though, there are a couple of places you really shouldn't be keeping your condoms - in your purse or in your pockets.

They seem like general enough places to keep them, but nah, you really shouldn't be storing them there, lads.

Here's why:

According to, keeping condoms in generally warm, tight places can make them less effective.

Clinical lead at sexual health charity FPA, Karin O'Sullivan said: “Heat, moisture, friction and light can affect the quality of condoms and make them less effective."

If condoms are kept in warm places, the latex can become more weak and is more likely to split or break during intercourse.

And as we all know, if a condom breaks during sex, there's a very real chance that you could get pregnant or catch some sort of undesirable STI.

So, in order to do our best to avoid such scenarios, we should be keeping our condoms in places where they won't be incredibly warm, exposed to bodily friction, or near sharp objects that could accidentally pierce them.

Somewhere like a side compartment in a handbag would be ideal enough if you want to carry a condom on the go.

Otherwise, consider a bedside locker or a drawer, away from anything that could accidentally cause damage.

Basically, just make sure your condom isn't getting squashed or sat on or experiencing too much heat at any time.

And obviously, make sure it's in date before you use it.