'So here's size 14 me'... Blogger speaks out against swimsuit fear 3 years ago

'So here's size 14 me'... Blogger speaks out against swimsuit fear

"The internet largely portrays slim girls in 2 piece bikinis and it literally hurts my heart."

Blogger Gemma-Louise Bond, also known as "That Belfast Girl", is after going viral for a picture she posted to her Facebook page in an attempt to break the stigma attached with being plus-size and wearing a swimsuit.


At a quick glance, Instagram is inundated with thin girls sporting tiny bikinis and although that is ok, what is not ok is the lack of variation and the influence this can have on the younger, upcoming generation of women. It is this exact thought that frighted the beauty and fashion writer and spurred her to make a change.

"So many young women are driving for a perfection that's unattainable. I really worry about the younger girls in my life that feel self conscious having fun in the sun with their friends." Gemma said in a recent Facebook post which shows her rocking a black one piece.

"I have never in my life taken a picture in a swimsuit & put it anywhere, never mind for over 10,000 of you! I want to be a different sort of role model - whether that be for you or your daughters who might read my blog" she wrote.

And her post is quickly gaining attraction with many backing her courage and praising her for speaking up. One follower wrote "Good on you. As a mum of two very differently shaped teenage daughters and auntie of many nieces, I am worried about the role models they look up to and the unrealistic body images they are constantly exposed to."

While another fan of Gemma's blog wrote: "Thank you for being a real person on social media - it is such a rarity! I can't imagine how scary it was to press post on this pic (even though you look really good). But I hope this evokes an accepting response and lots of love."


Bond is encouraging women around the world to "rock what you got", stop worrying and start living.

You can read her whole post on accepting yourself here.

We salute you!