Here's what the guy who played Barney really looks like 3 years ago

Here's what the guy who played Barney really looks like

"Barney was beautiful. Barney was very, very good to me."

It's the throwback to end all throwbacks.


All nineties kids will remember sitting down to watch Barney the Dinosaur after school back in the day, but did you ever wonder what he really looked like?

Well, our purple friend has been unmasked and you'll be very surprised at what he really looks like.

David Joyner played the character from 1991 to 2001, but came to the role in a roundabout way, he told Business Insider.

He originally worked as a software analyst, but always harboured dreams of being on TV.

Now you might think David would resent his career being built around a slightly cringey kid's character, but that's not the case at all - he's VERY enthusiastic about having been Barney and actually loves the I Love You song.

"Now a lot of times you hear those words, and some people like, "Oh my god, that song," and I'm like, "No, no, no" listen to it. I love you, you love me. We're a happy family. So now, we're now gathered together in this beautiful harmonious thing that’s happening. So it's a beautiful thing to know how that song has impacted pretty much this next generation."


Just watch this for yourself.