Here's why experts advise that you don't add the person you're dating on Facebook 6 years ago

Here's why experts advise that you don't add the person you're dating on Facebook

If you’ve recently started dating a new potential partner, you might want to avoid adding them on Facebook – at least that’s what the experts say.

Those initial weeks where you’re waiting eagerly for a reply could be threatened with a major case of ‘relationship paranoia’ if you start adding a dater too soon.


According to Alison Taylor, writing for indy100, the wave of new technologies means if we send a text with no reply, the chances of us checking up on our potential partner increases – and that’s where Facebook can be a dangerous tool.

While some people might be able to put the phone aside and check-in a few hours later, Taylor advises that others may start examining status times, replies – and judging their own budding relationship against the language used to other friends in posts.

Dating Expert Sarah Gooding of Plenty of Fish, added her own opinion to the matter on the Huffington Post, advising users of the app to wait before becoming too familiar:


"When it comes to dating, you want to try to reveal yourself a bit slowly.

"Part of the romance is discovering someone... who they are, their past, their present you know, over time. That's part of the romance of meeting someone new."

So when do you move forward, and ‘add as friend’?

Gooding recommends waiting until after the first or second date (probably the third or fourth) – when you’re both more comfortable with one another:


"Your Facebook is really an extension of yourself and so just like you wouldn't talk about religion or politics or your past relationships on a first date, You also don't want to reveal that information on your Facebook profile before you've met or just after your first date."