This hero crew member stepped in and comforted Anna Daly's baby on a flight 4 years ago

This hero crew member stepped in and comforted Anna Daly's baby on a flight

Travelling with a baba... not overly delightful for parents OR for the baba's fellow passengers.

Sometimes, the best course of action is a stiff G&T and earphones (especially if you're one of the parents).


For the last week, TV3 star and mum-of-three Anna Daly has enjoyed a family holiday in Faro, Portugal.

And on Monday, she made her way back to Dublin with her little ones in tow.

Her youngest, Rhys, is still just 16 months-of-age - an age when they like to jump, shout, and climb... and generally not stay still or quiet for very long.



Still, Anna was quick to praise the efforts of the Aer Lingus cabin crew - who it seems went above and beyond to make sure her smallest was happy and chill.

"Always feel it’s important to recognise excellent customer service," she began before continuing: "Thank you to the lovely cabin crew especially this girl, Leah.


"Holding and comforting baby Rhys and easing my fear of upsetting an entire plane with a screaming baby."

The TV host also shared a snap of her baby in the arms of Aer Lingus crew member Leah Duffy Stevenson, who looks like a total pro minding little Rhys as she goes about her duties.

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There was a lovely response to the snap too - with some fans saying Aer Lingus was the only way to flight if you're going abroad with little ones.

And when someone identified Leah Duffy Stevenson, Anna reiterated that she is "such a lovely girl," and that Aer Lingus is "lucky to have her".

Welcome back home Anna and family!