Horsing around: Finnish teens are loving this new hobby 4 years ago

Horsing around: Finnish teens are loving this new hobby

Hobby horsing is the new sport that mixes horse riding and gymnastics – and we’re a little confused.

The sport’s growing popularity in Finland has turned hobby horsing into a social media phenomenon.


The sporting craze is most popular among Finish teen girls and involves leaping and jumping over hurdles while riding a toy horse.

Mimicking sports like show jumping and dressage, hobby horsing has over 10,000 participants in Finland alone.

The hobby has spawned huge interest on social media with YouTube and Instagram tutorials available to hopeful competitors.

With training and technique building videos available, riders can perfect their moves before taking to the competition floor.

Many girls say they enjoy hobby horsing because of the community that comes along with it.


Boasting a strong element of female empowerment, the sport has developed a space for young girls who are being bullied in their own environments or who are finding it difficult to find where they fit in.

The sport is very relaxed, with no strict rules or judgement at competitions.