Hotel combats loneliness with a strange (but very sweet) service 3 years ago

Hotel combats loneliness with a strange (but very sweet) service

This is adorable.

And a bit weird. But adorable all the same.


If you've ever checked in to a hotel alone and thought, 'wow I'd really prefer it if there was some sort of creature to keep me company in this room, and I would definitely love for that creature to be a goldfish' then this hotel is the place for you.

Belgium's Hotel Charleoi are offering their guests the opportunity to rent a goldfish for the night if they happen to be feeling a bit lonely.

The fish, who comes with his own bowl and an array of fancy stones, is only €3.50 per night which, honestly, is an absolute bargain.

Twitter user Michelle Cooke came across Hotel Charleoi's service when a friend of hers was staying there.


She decided to post a picture of the fish to Twitter.

The fish's sign reads:


"Alone in your room and want company? Rent-a-fish. €3.50 / night."

Michelle's post went viral with thousands hopping on the rent-a-fish bandwagon.

One user said: "A dog would be even unhappier in that bowl." Another said that they hoped her friend paid for the fish.

Unfortunately, Michelle confirmed, that she did not.


Hotel Charleoi markets itself as being "surprisingly unique" which is no surprise really considering the rent-a-fish and the fact that they have Russian coffees on their menu.

A stay in Hotel Charleoi will only set you back about 58 quid a night (€61.30 if you include the fish) so what are you waiting for?

Belgium's not that far.