THIS hotel is now offering the world's first ever 'Instagram Butler' 3 years ago

THIS hotel is now offering the world's first ever 'Instagram Butler'

No more begging your friends to take just one more candid picture.

Yes, this hotel in the Maldives has heard your cry for photography assistance and in return they have come up with the most millennial feature to date.


Introducing the "Instagram Butler". Yep, the Conrad Hotel in the Maldives is now offering you help and guidance in capturing the perfect vacay shots.

As the world's first Instagram Butler service, a member of staff is willing to accompany you to those "Insta-worthy" settings around the island and well basically... take pictures of you.


According to the Telegraph, the service will bring you on an "Insta Trail" which is a tour around the island’s most photogenic locations, this includes a visit to Ithaa, the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant and a quick stop by a traditional Maldivian swing, typically positioned by the ocean, to help you achieve those perfect #wanderlust shots.


While another service at the hotel offers yoga enthusiasts the opportunity to take up some yoga classes and learn the art behind the world's most "instagramed" yoga positions and how to re-create them.


Hmmm... seems quite bizarre, but in today's society we certainly think this is a trend that will begin to catch on.

You can check out all about the Instagram Butler and book yourself into the famous Conrad Maldives Rangali Island here.