Nudes for newbies: How to send a naked photo properly 3 years ago

Nudes for newbies: How to send a naked photo properly

There can be something really powerful about someone taking control of their own body image and sharing it with another person.

It can also just be fun to send nudes.


Either way, if you're going to do it make sure you do it properly.


Have a conversation

Maybe don't just send stuff out of the blue. Ask yourself, does this person even want your photo?



No face, no identifying features

Yeah, it might seem weird to leave your face (or your arm with a distinctive tattoo) out of a photo but you'll be grateful for this if the photo ever gets out.



Consider the medium you're using, where the photos are going and where they might end up

Does the app save pictures automatically to the recipients camera roll? Do you use that app for work? Does your phone link to a laptop or other device? Does theirs?

Snapchat is probably your best bet but use your head - there are ways to screenshot a photo without the sender seeing.

Nudes for newbies: How to send a naked photo properly



Trust your gut and question your gut

Think about who is asking for a photo, what they've asked for and why. Does it seem sketchy? If so, stay away. If not, ask yourself again. Deep down, you'll have a sense if things are a little off.


Nudes are a two-way street


If someone asks for your photo but won't share theirs, think about why that might be.


Compliment your sender

They've spent 20 minutes arranging themselves and their bits for your viewing pleasure; an old heart-eye emoji wouldn't go astray.


Delete, delete, delete

Ask the person you send your photos to delete them after they're done with them and make sure you delete theirs.

Whether the lucky recipient of your nudes might lose his or her phone on a night out or things turn sour between you two some stage, the moment you press send your nudes are out there. That's it, no take-backs.

Nudes for newbies: How to send a naked photo properly


Know the law on child pornography

If you have a nude image of someone who is under 17 on a device, you are in possession of child porn. Simple as.


Know that revenge porn is real

It's disgusting but it's real.


Be sound

Like, exchanging nudes with anyone is super vulnerable. Treat the other person with the respect you'd like.

Never show or share someone else's picture with a third person. If things finish, even if it's in the nastiest or most heart-breaking of ways, delete their pics. Don't be the person who holds on to images of their ex.


Nudes don't have to be for anyone else

There is nothing to stop an unreal photo of you just being for your own damn self - but remember that just because something is only on your phone doesn't mean it won't end up elsewhere.

If you're worried about having images in your camera roll, Snapchat's 'my eyes only' feature lets you save photos in a password-protected folder.