Hugs 'shouldn't be allowed' when families gather for Christmas festivities 2 years ago

Hugs 'shouldn't be allowed' when families gather for Christmas festivities

They can take away our pubs but I draw the line at hugs!

I'm hoping this news isn't true but reports are suggesting that long hugs might not be allowed for the festive season.


I can't even begin to imagine a Christmas without hugs but this is the advice that's coming from a source who revealed to the Irish Mirror that "hugs even lasting seconds shouldn't be permitted".

If this is true this is going to be a real hard blow to all the Irish people who have been living for the day they get to give their family members a big hug in a few weeks.

We've been through weeks of lockdowns in hope that we might get some sort of normality for the Christmas break, but it's not looking like normal is a word that we will use a lot this Christmas.

The source close to NPHET has said "the advice is to maintain distance and reduce your contacts. This is tough to take but it works, sadly.”


Now, we're not sure if they're talking about hugs with your families or with friends, if it's with friends it's a little bit more understandable but still hard to take.

No word on how they're going to police this type of thing but I guess it's up to each individual to do what's best for them. The sad thing is this Christmas will most certainly not be like any other we've ever experienced.

Although it may not be the most normal Christmas we've ever experienced, whatever element that is traditional or normal will most definitely be cherished by all of us who have spent the year in an abnormal situation.

The important thing to remember is that there's always 2021 which will most definitely be different to the year we've been through and hopefully banning hugs won't even be mentioned in future!