Hundreds of dogs have been rescued from a meat farm in South Korea 3 months ago

Hundreds of dogs have been rescued from a meat farm in South Korea

Heartwarming stuff!

We love some good news of a Friday.

Hundreds of dogs have been rescued from a meat farm in South Korea, thanks to Humane Society International, an animal rights charity.

The HSI removed 200 chihuahuas, corgis, Pomeranians, huskies, Yorkshire terriers, poodles, French bulldogs, and Shi Tzus from the farm.

“Although HSI has found all sizes and breeds of dogs at its previous thirteen dog meat farm closures, this is the first time the charity has discovered a facility where puppies being born for the pet trade were being bred alongside others destined to be electrocuted and butchered for meat to supply local restaurants."

"Any pups unable to be sold as pets could also end up at the slaughterhouse,” wrote the HSI.

Nara Kim of HSI also released a statement about the rescue:

“The lines between puppy mills and dog meat farms are routinely blurred throughout South Korea, and with our latest dog farm closure we are exposing the shocking reality of that."

"These dogs are suffering at the hands of two abusive industries, their ultimate fate depending on whether they will sell for more money as a pet or for meat."

"They all start life in this depressing, squalid place, with the lucky few ending up being a loved companion whilst their cage mates are served at a restaurant or enter a chain of auctions where they are sold on to the next farmer to produce litter after litter of puppies."

Absolutely barbaric.

The owner of the farm allowed the dogs to be removed and their cages destroyed.

Farmer Lee also signed a 20-year contract promising he will stay out of the dog meat industry and any other animal-related job.

Job well done.