Hundreds of Irish Women are Turning to "Sugar Daddies" to Help Them pay Their Debts 10 years ago

Hundreds of Irish Women are Turning to "Sugar Daddies" to Help Them pay Their Debts

If you were seriously strapped for cash, how far would you go in order to earn some money? Would you get a second job? Ask your parents for help? Or would you, like dozens of Irish women out there, find yourself a Sugar Daddy?

The Irish Daily Star is reporting today that mass amounts of Irish women are signing up to a dating website that helps them to hook up with Sugar Daddies.


Simply put a Sugar Daddy is an older man who showers a younger woman with cash and gifts in exchange for her company and sometimes, a bit more – we’re sure you understand what we mean here. We’re talking physical favours.

According to the paper, most of the Irish women using this website are in their twenties and struggling to pay off student loans or find employment. But is taking money and gifts from these men harmless fun or is it something that could be considered the same as prostitution?

“I’ve thought about this a lot and no, I don’t consider myself a prostitute,” said Sarah (not her real name), a self-confessed “Sugar Baby” who spoke to the newspaper.

“It’s mutually beneficial. And again, no different to what young girls who seek out footballers do. The only difference is, I do it online instead of in a pub or a club,” she added.


The Sugar Daddies pay bills, take women shopping and buy them expensive gifts.

Since 2008, adult website has seen a 358 per cent increase in sign-ups around the world. The website specialises in putting young girls looking for money and gifts in touch with older men looking for sex or company with younger women.

The website is reporting that at least 500 Irish people sign up for its services every single month.


“When dating in the recession, women are looking for more than personality. Women are looking to date financially stable men, to avoid financially inspired conflicts in a relationship, and avoid carrying dead weight,” said Brandon Wade, the founder of the website.

Mr Wade has similar websites, such as – a website for women who want to travel but don’t have the funds to pay for it themselves.

This website has 2,500 Irish members, 500 of whom are “generous” Irish men who are willing to pay for a date’s trip overseas.

Another website,, is like a human version of eBay – members bid to go on a date with you if they find you attractive.


“Because of the recession, the majority of sign-ups have been attributed to things like student loans and expenses, job losses, and a lack of child support,” said a spokesman.

“All the arrangements through are transparent, the women state in advance how much money they need as a monthly allowance, so there isn’t a grey area,” the spokesman added.

Well ladies, what do you think? If you were completely broke, would you consider signing up to one of these websites? We’d love to hear your opinions…