Husband surprises wife with sweet gender reveal using her late dad's voice 2 years ago

Husband surprises wife with sweet gender reveal using her late dad's voice

A husband has gone viral after he brought his pregnant wife to tears with a sweet gender reveal - using the help of her late father.

Jennifer Jones-Prothro and James Prothro's daughter, Ana, shared a clip of the moment on Twitter where it soon went viral.


The video, which has now gone viral on Twitter, begins with the soon-to-be mum-of-nine sitting down and holding a speaker.

Her husband is heard telling her:

"This is the most special, creative way I could think of to tell you the sex of our child, but I couldn't do it without a little help."

After a moment, the speaker comes on - and a second voice can be heard.

The person says:

"Hello, Jenny, this is your father. I want to let you know that it is a girl."

The mum-to-be breaks into a smile as she covers her face and starts to cry.


The video was shared online by the couple's teenage daughter, Ana, where it has gone viral - getting more than 500,000 likes and over 100,000 retweets.

Initially, the soon-to-be mum-of-nine admitted she wanted the gender of their child to be a surprise - and it's all down to her father.

She told CNN that her dad, Charlie, "always wanted to be surprised by it" and would insist that the couple not tell him the gender of the child.


Sadly, he passed away last year after a battle with cancer. When she became pregnant again, she made the decision to be surprised on his behalf.

However, when she was six months along and her friends began to want to plan baby showers, she changed her mind.

Earlier this week, she told her husband - who had known the news for months - that she wanted to come up with a creative gender reveal; one that wouldn't be like anything she had ever seen.

Prothro, who has a home recording studio, was up for the challenge - and soon got the perfect idea, as his wife had saved voice messages from her dad after he became ill.


Prothro figured that there was no better way to tell his wife their happy news, as he dad was "her everything."

Just two days after she made her request, the gender reveal was ready - and he had her get ready and head downstairs in their house, as he wanted to record a video to share with their families.


She told CNN:


"The last person I expected to hear was my dad. I wouldn't have wanted to learn it any other way."