"I Really Thought I Was Going To Die" Woman Who Needed Surgery To Rebuild Her Face Speaks Out About Domestic Abuse 7 years ago

"I Really Thought I Was Going To Die" Woman Who Needed Surgery To Rebuild Her Face Speaks Out About Domestic Abuse

Lucy Land, a young woman who was so badly beaten by her boyfriend she had to undergo reconstructive surgery on her face, has spoken out about her ordeal.

According to the Daily Mail, Land was so broken after the attack, she needed rhinoplasty to rebuild her face. Ms. Land's relationship ended soon after the attack but she admitted that at the time she feared for her life.


"It was so horrific being attacked by someone I’d fallen madly for, I didn’t see it coming,' she said. 'I remember the force he inflicted on my face, I felt my nose burst. I was shocked when the surgeons said they would completely re-build it.My ex left me completely broken on both the inside and out."

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The attack occurred after Land and her boyfriend left a party. She was rushed to hospital where doctors detailed the full extent of her injuries.

"The night when he attacked me I just kept thinking about my mum, I really thought I was going to die. I felt so small and useless I couldn’t stop him, he was so heavy and forceful. I remember feeling a huge blow to my face and my nose felt like it burst."


"Doctors told me I would need surgery and a brand new nose,' she said. "My nose was too badly broken, with the cartilage hanging off - it was the only option - but I would have to wait a year before it could be operated on.

"I had to live with the nose that was a constant reminder of the attack. It was a long wait but it was well worth it. When I walked out of surgery with my new nose I felt like a completely new person and a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I have been finally able to live my life again and move on from what happened."

Lund has since moved on and is now rebuilding her life. She was approached by a modelling scout while on a night out and has begun to carve a career as a beauty queen. Her advice to women who are experiencing the same ordeal is to talk to someone: "Just talk to someone before it’s too late. I want to continue modelling but I also aspire to help other women one day with my story, I want them to find the confidence I have. I feel very lucky that I’m able to get up on stage and smile."