Working from home? Here's 7 tips to ensure you really get stuff done 3 years ago

Working from home? Here's 7 tips to ensure you really get stuff done

Working from home is often a blessing.

You get up later, you don't have anyone hassling you, you're wrapped in a blanket.



Let's (try) be productive here for a second though.

If you've no choice but to work from home and you're feeling ever so slightly worried about that fact because you've loads of sh*t to get done and you can't really be dealing with any distractions, there are a few things you can do to make your day go that little bit smoother.

(Or you could just talk about all of these things around your boss next week and they'll be super impressed with your productivity from the comfort of your bed.



1. Get out of bed

(She urges, while typing from bed.)

We know, we know, it's so tempting to just surround yourself by blankets and pillows and a hot water bottle for every limb.


And even though you probably won't adhere to this #toptip if you're working from home, setting yourself up at a real-life desk and chair for the day is sure to help you get more done.

Lying in bed typing away might feel great at the moment, but think about the long-term implications - sore back, increased sleepiness, the intense comfort and happiness that comes with being so blissfully content.

Yeah... Get up.


2. Keep your routine

Working from home is deadly, but one thing that tends to throw a lot of people off is not being able to keep their office routine going.

Essentially, just try to forget you're at home and do everything as if you still had to trek into the office.

Get up early, wash yourself, get dressed, have your breakfast - all of these things will trick your body into thinking it's about to start a normal day of work. And they'll wake you up too.



Then when you actually start work,  stick your headphones on like you normally would, keep about eight empty mugs beside you at all times, complain a lot...

You know, the usual office banter. From home.

3. Take your break as normal

If you usually take your lunch at one in the office, take your lunch at one at home.

If you tend to go for a coffee/smoke break at 11am in the office, go for a coffee/smoke break at 11am at home.

Your body is used to eating at certain times and drinking certain amounts of coffee during the week, so you may as well keep up that routine while you're at home too.

4. Talk to somebody

Working from home can be lonely, especially if you're used to sitting in a busy office all day.

Make sure you get in touch with a mate, call a family member, or pet an animal on your break.

It'll make you forget about how quiet things are, boost your productivity for later in the day, and all but erase the sense of impending loneliness you've been feeling more and more these days...

5. Work from a small, heated room

If you heat the entire house, not only will you be wasting money, but you'll also be tempted to switch work locations about 27 times over the course of the day.

Moving around a bit is necessary, but wandering aimlessly from room to room means you won't be able to reply to half as many of those pressing emails you've been letting pile up all day.

6. Do not set yourself up in view of the fridge

You will get hungry and you will take approximately 80 snack breaks.

7. Lock the door, if you need to 

If you're working at home alone, grand.

If you're working at home with roommates or family members who are also working from home, also grand.

But if you're working from home with roommates or family members who are not also working from home, they'll probably get bored, barge in on you, and try distract you from all those important spreadsheets you've been pouring over.

If you lock them out of the room you're using, they won't be able to.

Just make sure they can still get in the front door - it's their house too.