INFOGRAPHIC: Want To Know The Secret To The Perfect Night's Sleep? 6 years ago

INFOGRAPHIC: Want To Know The Secret To The Perfect Night's Sleep?

Sleeping is one of our favourite things to do but many of us have trouble doing it, which is why the folk over at Best Infographics decided to put the perfect sleeping positions for different ailments.

The most common sleeping position is on the side, which is where 57% of people begin their night’s sleep, with 17% opt for lying on their back and 11% on their stomach. Men typically sleep with two pillows on their bed while women opt for four.

According the The Wall Street Journal, who published the graphic, experts say there is no one right way to sleep, however for people who battle with certain pain and medical conditions, there are ways to rest at night that can help alleviate various problems.

If you’re suffering from acid reflux or indigestion it is advised that you elevate your head with pillows or place bricks under the front legs of your bed.

For those who battle with obstructive sleep apnea/snoring it is suggested that you sleep on your side to avoid the collapse of the tongue and tissues in the throat, which impairs breathing.

Take a look at the infographic in full below that covers the full list of sleeping positions that can help with a number of annoyances, aches and pains.


Image via Best Infographics.