Instagram is removing one of our favourite features 5 years ago

Instagram is removing one of our favourite features

What were they thinking?

There was good news last week when it was announced that Instagram are finally going to let us zoom in on pictures. Making our lives (and all our social media creeping) so much easier.


But just when we thought that things were all fine and dandy in the social media world the photo sharing giant has dropped another bomb on us.

As of last week, Instagram has been removing its Photo Maps from users' accounts according to Mashable.

For now you can still seen your own photo map but you can bet that this will change in the future too so screenshot them while you can.



According to the company the original feature simply wasn't popular enough and as a result, they have decided to scrap it.

While the map might be disappearing from our screens very soon thankfully Instagram's geotags will still be working.

So while you can still type in a scenic location to see all the lovely photos taken there you can no longer go on to someone else's Instagram and see all their Instagram locations on a world map. Bummer!

We're glad to see we're not the only ones gutted by the news.