Instagram's latest change has seriously p*ssed people off 2 years ago

Instagram's latest change has seriously p*ssed people off

We're not happy about it either.

If you're Instagram obsessed, (it's our absolute favourite social media platform right now), then this decision is going to seriously annoy you.

It looks very much like they have changed the standard grid situation, where three photos display horizontally on your account instead of four which has been the way since well, since the beginning of time (okay okay, beginning of Instagram).

This change hasn't yet been rolled out across the board yet so we're hoping it's just a trial and the social media giant won't actually go ahead and activate it for everyone.

According to Refinery 29, the photos then appear smaller which is sure to prove annoying if you pride yourself on a pretty Instagram feed.

This also throws up a problem if you've been working on your Instagram to create the ideal feed, as many brand-led accounts do, because the four photo grid throws the whole aesthetically perfect look off.

Here's hoping we don't see this change anytime soon, in fact, we would be much happier if this whole plan was abandoned completely. Please and thank you.