'If you have your integrity, you've nothing to fear' blogger opens up on the take-down culture 1 year ago

'If you have your integrity, you've nothing to fear' blogger opens up on the take-down culture

Are we done with it yet?

Do any of you remember a time before Bloggers Unveiled? Me neither... sigh.


In case you've been living under a rock, Bloggers Unveiled is the take-down Instagram account that has brought some of Ireland's biggest bloggers to their knees. The modus operandi is pretty simple, the account calls out bloggers for not displaying affiliate links, for photoshopping pictures, for expansive filter use... you get the gist! The ramifications have been massive and the account has garnered over 220 thousand followers as a result.

Now, I'm not a fan of the page, but in the interest of transparency I will admit that I'm on it (at least) once a day having a wee gander.

It's like a car crash, God knows why you would want to look, but you LITERALLY can't look away.

If I was a blogger, I'd be nervous. With that in mind, it feels only natural to pose the question that IF you're a blogger in today's society, are you living in constant fear of the dreaded take-down?

When it comes to false advertising, I think accounts such as Bloggers Unveiled have done wonders for the industry. That being said, I'm also completely bored of seeing the same faces pop up, I don't care about micro-influencers who get their content nicked, I couldn't be ARSED if someone puts a filter over fake tan, and, crucially, I find it terrifying that people have received death threats over the page.

The murky undertones that have emerged from this social media platform genuinely make me nervous, there's a venom coming from those who are committed to exposing the person behind the account and it's unsettling to say the least.

Clearly, this is not lost on the account and only today they posted saying they'd be stepping back and taking a breather as the onslaught continues.

On this week's episode of Girls With Goals, we're joined in studio by Sarah Hanrahan, she moderates the 'I Come Undone' blog, which puts a heavy emphasis on event guides and delectable food spots around the capital, as well as the more traditional fashion and lifestyle pieces.

In this particular episode, I wasn't planning on bringing up Bloggers Unveiled, but Sarah herself admitted that blogging has, in some ways, become a dirty word... so I had to pry, just a little!

Listen in at 9.51 below to find out how Sarah feels about the take-down culture and how maintaining your integrity is key.


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