Interior Motives: Stylist Courtney Smith shows us around her newly renovated boho inspired home 1 month ago

Interior Motives: Stylist Courtney Smith shows us around her newly renovated boho inspired home

"It's the perfect party house!"

Get ready to be inspired. This week on Interior Motives we take a look around stylist Courtney Smith's stunning house in Dublin.

Over the last year Courtney has been renovating her new house, which she shares with her boyfriend and her Rottweiler Lexi, into the ultimate oasis. We get total Venice beach vibes from this place and it just goes to show you can bring the sun to Dublin all year round with a nice touch of bohemian style.

The kitchen is Courtney's favourite part of the house, it's an open plan dream. "It's a big open plan room and it really is the heart of the home because this is where we do everything," she says. "It's where we entertain, it's where we cook, it's where we eat and it's where we relax as well."

Before they started to upgrade their house, Courtney says the kitchen was "very bland, all the walls were painted cream and we think it was just a living room and a sitting room in one."

She and her boyfriend decided to move the kitchen to the opposite side of the house to utilise the space better. "The most thought went into this room when it comes to the structure and design," she says.

The inspiration behind the decorating comes from her love of boho and her boyfriend's love of the industrial feel. "I love a more bohemian trend, so we wanted to merge the two fo those together."

You can definitely feel the industrial style in the kitchen with some big chunky features like the stove and the dark colours, it is "almost kind of manly aesthetically but then it's got the softer bohemian touches as well."

Courtney's favourite pieces include the giant counter top in the centre of the kitchen. "I love the counter top because it's quite a statement feature," she says. "I really wanted a concrete counter top but they are extortionately expensive so we found this instead and it's also much more durable."

The house also has a stunning back garden area where Courtney loves to entertain guests. It's also covered so even when it rains they can still enjoy their boho inspired space. She calls it the perfect "party house" and we couldn't agree more.

When can we come over for a few glasses?!