More and more Irish people are booking holidays to Tanzania these days - here's why 1 year ago

More and more Irish people are booking holidays to Tanzania these days - here's why

When you think popular tourist destinations for Irish people, a couple of places come to mind.

Thailand is one. Bali is another. Portugal, Spain, Greece, and all them are instant classics and we'll probably be hitting those countries up until we die.

There's another place though that's become the fastest growing in popularity destination for Irish tourists and we wouldn't have guessed it, tbh.

Tanzania. Yeah, bit left field really but we're into it.

According new research conducted by Travel Counsellors, bookings to the East African country have increased by an incredible 399 percent since last November.

That's loads, in fairness.

As well as this, long haul destination interest has increased for Irish tourists in general, with more and more people wanting to visit places like the Maldives, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Australia.

What's the obsession with Tanzania though?

Well, it's pretty much stunning.

Think glorious beaches, think white sands, think adventure, culture, and things to do until you simply physically cannot do things anymore.

A couple of things people tend to do while they're there include checking out the Serengeti national park, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and having a long look at the Mahale mountains.

Basically, Tanzania a beautiful country so you'll get some good Grams and have a lot of fun there.

Travel Counsellor's general manager Cathy Burke said that Irish people are particularly drawn to the East African country because of the stunning Zanzibar beaches.

Oh, and the safari opportunities.

She said:

“The safari options offer an authentic unspoilt experience, so people are going now before it gets too popular.

"There are also some memorable accommodation options now available like The Bush Rover Suites, which are full working Land Rovers that, once in-situ, fold out into elevated bedrooms with balconies."

Sounds class, in fairness.

If Tanzania sounds right up your street, don't go booking off any holiday days yet because if you want to go, you'll have to fork out a lot of cash.

Flights are currently starting at about a grand so yeah, you better get saving.