Irish TikTokers are telling their dads they paid €50 for 'premium air' in their tyres 1 year ago

Irish TikTokers are telling their dads they paid €50 for 'premium air' in their tyres

"Premium air? Premium air between your f***ing ears..."

There is no shortage of inspiration for pranking our poor parents on TikTok.


Earlier this summer, Irish TikTokers tested the extent of their mothers' nosiness with a viral challenge, but now it's the dads' turn.

The latest trend sees young adults call their dads - or send them voicenotes - explaining that they paid a hefty price for air in their tyres at the garage. The dads, it's safe to say, are less than impressed.

The set up of this prank is perfect. You get to hear the disbelief in the dads' voices. They generally need a few seconds to process what they've just heard, before responding appropriately. It also allows them to seamlessly make a classic dad joke - literally any rift on having air in one's head - while they're fuming.

Comedy gold.


In some instances, like in @eabhaodonoghue's TikTok, the dad's anger is directed towards the garage who had the audacity to charge a hefty fee for literal air.


@eabhaodonoghue123He didn’t take that well anyway♬ original sound - Eabha o Donoghue


In others, the dads are pure raging at their offspring for being foolish enough to pay the price.

TikTok user @c_g12347372's dad wasted no time in telling his child she was a "f***ing eejit" for paying €56 for air in her tyres.


@c_g12347372Hopping on the trend ??? I had to like this one was made for him ##fyp ##prank ##foryoupage ##foryou ##dadsoftiktok

♬ original sound - c_g12347372


Karl Dempsey's dad responded to the prank by sending his son voice notes warning him against doing anything to the car without him present. Moreover, when his son explained that he paid €75 for premium air, his dad told told him he had "premium air between [his] f***ing ears".

So, how would your dad react if you told him you paid top dollar for premium air for your tyres?