Irish woman pens powerful poem about men who troll her online 4 years ago

Irish woman pens powerful poem about men who troll her online

Oftentimes, some of the most powerful pieces of writing come from painful truths, Alvy Carragher, a talented poet, has proven this in her work.

Two years ago, the Galway woman wrote an eye-opening piece on consent which was called Numb.


The piece was highly praised for its honesty and is something that everyone should listen to at least once, but unfortunately Alvy was trolled by some men online after writing it.

''The poem Numb has attracted a lot of these trolls though, I've had my looks rated, my voice slammed, told I am unrapeable.'' Alvy told Her. 

She said that this issues above as well as one particular incident inspired her to respond with a new poem, which she called 'Unsolicited Advice from a Failed Male Poet'.

The poet explained that as well as the online abuse, one specific male, who started appearing on line-ups for gigs with her, was the influence for the poem:

''He followed up with an email about how rude I was not to reply (sigh!). The words were "manners cost nothing". The poem numb has attracted a lot of these trolls though,'' She says, referencing the abuse mentioned above.

''But mostly, his email which was over 8,000 words which kinda made me think I'VE ACTUALLY HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH YOU CREEPS.'' She said.




She adds that she is not alone in this, which is why she feels the need to stand up for other women.

'' [It's] the fact that I am constantly seeing other female writers plagued online by these kinds of people. I think it's important to speak up - because so many people don't realise it happens to other people too.

If I didn't follow other female writers, I might sit and read his email and rethink my life. But the power of knowing it's not just you and that it's a bigger problem, makes it both necessary and easier to stand up to them.''

You can listen to the original poem, Numb, below: