The joy of Irish sea swims! Here's why we should all be taking the plunge 2 months ago

The joy of Irish sea swims! Here's why we should all be taking the plunge

You won't regret it.

Since our island of Ireland has became our holiday island this summer everyone has been going for a swim. You can't look at the water at the moment without seeing a load of people in front of it!

Rain or shine, swims aren't even dependent on the weather anymore. I'm no expert but I have been swimming a few times over the last few months and I think it might even be warmer in the water when the weather isn't as sunny. Does that make sense?!

There is nothing nicer and also scarier than getting into any water on the coast of Ireland, it's cold and you know it is. I don't think it ever gets easier but when you're in it's fantastic!

I have learnt a few things from going for a dip in Ireland:

The water isn't as cold as you think

It's cold but if you prepare yourself for freezer temperature then you are definitely going to be a bit surprised when it's a tiny bit warmer. A mistake I made was jumping into stunning crystal clear blue waters in Glandore in Cork thinking it was going to be warm and it was colder than a freezer. I think because my mind thought it was going to be warm because it was stunning and the sun was shining!

You will probably see someone you know down by the water

This is one of my favourite things about Ireland, seeing people you know everywhere but can be a little annoying when swimming!

The other day myself and my friend went swimming and when we got out her ex was right beside where our clothes were. We're all adults now so it's grand but instead of quickly throwing on anything so we could leave she decided to put her leggings on, anyone who knows leggings knows they don't go on easy especially when your skin is a little wet! So half an hour later after a n awkward chat we finally got to leave!

No one feels bad after a swim (unless they see someone they didn't want to see!)

This is the truth of the matter, if you ask anyone after a swim how they feel they will tell you "great!" because the water has magical powers that run through your body and make you feel better for soaking yourself. I also like to think when you're in the water you're forced to think about nothing other than being in the water and being in that moment of freezing. It's pretty special!