How Kate Middleton hides her pregnancies before going public 2 years ago

How Kate Middleton hides her pregnancies before going public

Clever, if true.

We all know that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. 

It's been on every website, newsstand, and face of every royal family fan since the announcement first become public earlier this week.

Since then, we've heard rumours as to what the latest addition to the family will be called.

We've even seen a petition to name the new baby 'Brexit' - which is unlikely to happen but sure we can always hope.

But now, we're hearing rumours as to how Duchess Kate apparently conceals her pregnancies before they're formally announced - and if true, it's very clever.

According to The Evening Standard's Kate Proctor, the Duchess changes her hair right before she's about to announce that she's expecting in order to draw everyone's attention away from her stomach.

And, to be honest, it works.

About two months ago, Kate was wandering around with her usual long do. Here's the picture to prove it:

kate middleton hair

Then, less than a week later, bam! - the Duchess had got a haircut (albeit, a small one) that left everybody talking about the changes she had made to her style, and not the changes that may have been occurring inside of her womb.

kate middleton hair

If this isn't enough to convince you, cast your mind back to 2012 when Kate and Will were mere newly weds.

The Duchess was, naturally, spotted enjoying her luscious locks out on the town. Looking fab, of course.

kate middleton hair

Then, a bit later, just before her first pregnancy was announced to the world, Kate changed up her style by adding a few bangs either side of the do.

And engaging in a bit of casual sport, because why not?

kate middleton hair

All of this could be mere coincidence... or it could be the greatest (and simplest) ruse of all time.

Or maybe Kate just decided she wanted to get her hair done and feel good about herself once she figured out she'd be carrying a child for nine months and be experiencing terrible morning sickness for the entirety of that time.

Who can say for sure?