Kilkenny Design has opened its Christmas shop one month early 2 weeks ago

Kilkenny Design has opened its Christmas shop one month early

No this is not fake news, and yes we might be a little bit excited.

It has been an interesting year, a year that has taught us to enjoy the little things, and appreciate our family and friends even more than you ever have.

It's also given us a new appreciation for our country and our little staycations.

Another thing we've all really started to appreciate is making plans and having things to look forward to. And this is probably why a lot of us are a little bit extra excited for Christmas this year.

Not only do we want to plan a lovely Christmas with family members who are extra special to us this year, but it's also something to look forward to and get excited about... And since everything's not back to normal yet, we have a lot of extra time on our hands to buy presents.

Lucky for us then that the Kilkenny Design shop in Dublin have opened the doors to their Christmas shop a month early.

"We are delighted to be able to open our Christmas shop earlier this year to give our customers time to prepare well in advance for the Christmas season," says Melissa O’Gorman, Buying Director for Kilkenny Design.

"We noticed shoppers were already searching for the festive range, we all deserve a sprinkle of joy after the last few months!”

The famous shop in Dublin conducted a survey and over half of the people involved said that they were planning to start their Christmas shopping earlier than usual.

In fact, sixty percent said they would. Can't blame them, really.

The inspiration behind this year's Kilkenny Design collection is Christmas' past, so they're throwing it back to old school traditional Christmas with elegant wreathes, ruby red baubles, and champagne hues throughout.

To celebrate the launch, Kilkenny Design are offering shoppers €15 off their next purchase of €75 or over, until the 27th of September.

Not a bad shout, in fairness.