Knickers that vibrate every time a World Cup goal is scored exist and, ugh 3 years ago

Knickers that vibrate every time a World Cup goal is scored exist and, ugh

Because women wouldn't have any interest in football otherwise...

If you're a woman, you're probably either into the World Cup - or not into the World Cup.


Because females, like all of the other genders, can enjoy sport as much as the next person due to the recent and very shocking discovery that they are, in fact, human beings with a variety of interests.

Who knew?

Still though, that hasn't stopped some people from making some fairly weak judgements on women's interest in the World Cup.

Namely the one that they don't give a shit about it because it's football.


This, however, is simply not true because lots of women enjoy football as much as they enjoy other generic, popular things like spicy food and the show Westworld. 

And yet, it seems that some people still cannot get their heads around this standard fact of life.

So much so that they decided to invent something that would allow women to enjoy watching football as much as men do - knickers that vibrate every time a goal is scored.


Yeah, we wish we were joking too.

The knickers are designed by Mexican underwear company Vicky Form, and although they seem to have been suddenly removed from their website (we can't imagine why), a clip of the ad for the vibrating underwear is still circulating online.

In it, a man and his girlfriend watch the World Cup.


He is interested. She is not.

She begins to give out to him and look all annoyed and needy (like all women), before she discovers the underwear and their hidden pleasures within.

Once she comes (to her senses and realises football can be fun), the couple are happy again.

Good for them.