Ladies Of Ireland, Can You #HelpAlan Reunite With The Mystery Lady He Met Last Week? 7 years ago

Ladies Of Ireland, Can You #HelpAlan Reunite With The Mystery Lady He Met Last Week?

For those who say romance is dead, we might just have the story to give you a bit of hope.

KCLR radio station in Kilkenny received an interesting email this week, asking them to help one Wicklow man track down a lady he met in Langtons last Saturday night.


Alan, who was in the city for the night to celebrate a friend’s birthday, regrets never swapping numbers with the lady so reached out to the radio station to see if they can help track her down.

In the letter, Alan explained how he is still thinking about the encounter, and thinks she is ‘really special’:

‘This is not something I have never done before but I feel compelled to at least try to find this beautiful lady. As I think I would regret it forever if I didn’t. I met her when I walked into Langtons in Kilkenny last Saturday night. From the moment I saw her I could not take my eyes off her.

In the little time I was speaking with her I learnt that she was from London, and she was divorced and living in Ireland with her two kids who are 16 and 12. I know if she hears this she will immediately recognize that it is her I am talking about.’


Speaking to the station’s ‘Saturday Brunch’ show, Alan told presenters Eoin Carey and Aisling Kelly that he hopes he doesn’t “come across as desperate”, but that:

“I need to try something, at least try do something to meet her again.”

You can catch Alan's full interview here, but if you think you might know who this mystery lady is, tweet us @Herdotie with #HelpAlan . Alternatively, you can contact the show by texting 083-3069696 or leave a comment below.

Hat tip to Aisling Kelly for sending this our way!