Last minute things we ALWAYS forget before a holiday 3 years ago

Last minute things we ALWAYS forget before a holiday

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Do you have those travel essentials at the ready?


Any time we’re jetting off, away from the chaos of our lives we often manage to add bursts of stress to our trip. What did we forget this time?

Although we never have much choice but to take it in our stride, we can’t help but wonder… why must we do this to ourselves?

Take this list as a friendly reminder and know if you’re like us, you are not alone in suffering from holiday forgetfulness.

The to-do list

It’s the first rule of packing a bag, booking any flight and yet we always manage to forget to make a precious list. We tell ourselves we’ll remember, but with busy lifestyles, is this really all that plausible?

Limit those liquids


Unless we’re going away for weeks, the chances are we're only bringing carry-on luggage. However that doesn’t stop us forgetting all about the 100ml per plastic bag rule and subsequently, we proceed to wonder why it took us SO long to make it through the airport. Hmm…

Plugs and adaptors

Seeing as we can’t live without our phones it’s truly shocking when we don’t bring the charger for our very own lifeline. On second thought, maybe zero distraction is just what we need…

Checking the weather


Arriving in the city of our dreams, awaiting that much needed weekend getaway and all we have are t-shirts and sandals… yet it’s raining. Well we’re off to a great start ey? Weather app… check!


All that travel means sitting down and waiting around an awful lot so just HOW do we forget our headphones for our music loving ears?!

Sun protection!


How is it that so often we arrive at our destination, hop in our bikini and bam!... not a drop of sun cream to be found, or at least certainly not our favourite. Mind that precious skin and why not make sure you keep your beautiful skin's healthy glow with Boots’ Soltan sun lotion range! Plus there's oodles more to choose from too.


It’s really just painful when we forget our sunnies - both figuratively and literally.

Everything travel

Travel speakers, a travel pillow, ear plugs, flight socks, eye masks… if we actually thought of them in advance of locking up the house, we’d be terrifically kitted out for that flight, making the relaxation of a holiday start far earlier than expected.



Whether it be the shampoo we love, the conditioner, the makeup or the type of tampons we use, don’t you just hate when you can’t find the ones you adore when abroad? Don’t let that happen and stock up in advance of your travels. Boots’ mini travel range is EVERYTHING. All your beauty essentials at the ready and you’ll fly through airport security too.

Before leaving the house

Paying any bills, turning off the electricity and emptying the fridge to avoid any potential nasties when we return are just some of the fundamental things we always manage to forget. We never forget to organise the babysitter for Mr. Fluffles however. Too right.

Brought to you by Boots.

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