Need last-minute Xmas ideas? Arnotts has personalised socks AND selection boxes 2 years ago

Need last-minute Xmas ideas? Arnotts has personalised socks AND selection boxes

Brought to you by Arnotts

Panic stations everyone!


We have five days left until Christmas. We repeat - we have five days left until Christmas. So if you haven't fully sorted out your Christmas presents yet, this is your last chance.

Don't worry though - when you think about it, five days is still a long time - just head somewhere where you can get everything done in one go.

Arnotts has oodles of shops and festive pop-ups where you can pick up some wonderful Christmas pressies.

Take the humble sock, for example. A Christmas present staple, right? You may initially think of socks as being on the more boring side of Christmas gifts but not this time, ladies and gentlemen. This year, SuperSocks are selling personalised socks exclusively in Arnotts. You can get any picture and design you want printed onto a pair of socks.


Imagine handing your partner a pair of socks featuring a close-up of your face on Christmas day or giving your brother or sister some socks with a reminder that they are, in fact, the inferior sibling. Boring socks no longer, we think.

Cadbury has also set up their pop-up shop in Arnotts where you can get personalised selection boxes. That means selection boxes filled only with the exact chocolate bars that you like (hello, box full of crunchies) as well as your name printed on the box. Now you can get everyone their own box with their name on it and there's no chance that someone will "accidentally" take your chocolates.

While you're in Arnotts, don't forget to enjoy some of that Christmas cheer at their Christmas Fair on the second level, where they have delicious hot chocolate to drink and Cornude popcorn to nibble on. Scrumptious.


If you're buying for little ones, pop into FAO Schwarz, the world-renowned toy store that has just opened in Arnotts. It's the only shop of its kind in Ireland and it has pretty much every toy you could think of. Just find out what they put on their Christmas list and chances are, you'll find it.

If said little ones are with you on this shopping trip, you can keep them entertained with a trip to see Mrs Claus who will be reading stories to kids Saturday, December 21, or let them enjoy the Arnotts Postal Parade that's happening from Saturday until Christmas Eve, from 12pm-3pm on the hour, each hour, when Santa's elves will march through the store with a brass band, collecting all the letters to Santa.

If you've got too many things to buy and you just know that you're going to forget something, why not download the Arnotts App, where you can create a Christmas wishlist to refer back to while you're shopping. It makes everything so much simpler, which is really what we need at Christmas time.


Enjoy your shopping, lads and ladies, and remember - five days is plenty of time. You can do it!

Brought to you by Arnotts