Let's applaud all the women in Ireland who work damn hard 1 year ago

Let's applaud all the women in Ireland who work damn hard

Female empowerment.

Although it doesn't always happen, every woman should be building their fellow females up and not tearing them down.

In many ways, Ireland is a great place to live and work. However, while we can celebrate how far we've come, we can also acknowledge that there's a lot left to grapple with: the gender pay gap, everyday sexism, being told to 'smile' when said person doesn't have a clue what's going on in your day...and so on.

So together, we want to mark the everyday success stories that make the women of this land so fecking brilliant. A chance to stop bitching and moaning (hey, we're all guilty in some way); an opportunity to sing the praises of the unsung businesswomen great and small who are breaking the mould every single day.


We want to applaud and stand behind you and tell your story in the hopes of inspiring others to take a chance on something.

Maybe you've built an empire from the ground up, perhaps you're just starting out or it might be that you have a friend/sister/mother with an amazing career story to share. Maybe you've dusted yourself off after taking a stumble and are slowly building something great.

The Her platform, a combined audience of 550,000+ Facebook users alone, is yours to take a stand and explain to us why you or someone close to you deserves a special mention and the opportunity to share their business acumen with the masses.

If this sounds like something you can help us with, drop a line to cathy.donohue@her.ie/hello@her.ie

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