Letters from Lockdown: 15 of the best cards to send your friends while social distancing 3 years ago

Letters from Lockdown: 15 of the best cards to send your friends while social distancing

At the end of the day, lockdown is lonely.

Oh sure, WhatsApp groups, Zoom meetings and old-school phone calls have certainly gone a long way towards assuaging the sense of isolation many of us have felt since lockdown went into operation last month, but it's just not the same, is it?


Yes, we'd be climbing the walls if it wasn't for the promise of our online book club or weekly wine-fest with the girls, but there's still a palpable sense of disconnection - not lest when the line, you know, literally disconnects.

With that in mind, it's important not to forget the more traditional way of maintaining friendships. That's right people; snail mail.

Come on, we all know there's little to beat the feeling of receiving post from a friend or family member, and it's all the more welcoming and heartening in these excessively strange and socially-distant times.


Whether it's a birthday greeting, a thank you card or an 'absolutely no reason at all' card, you're guaranteed to put a smile on the face of a loved one during the postman's next round.

And of course, there's nothing stopping you from picking up a card or two during your next trip to the supermarket, but don't forget that there are a number of pretty amazing options to choose from online as well!

From ASOS and Etsy to Maktus and Pretty Little Thing, our favourite online retailers have come up trumps in the greeting card department, and frankly there's never been a better time to tell a friend you're thinking of them.

So, without further ado, why not take a look at just some of our favourites around right now!


You Will Get Theroux This €3.80

Lucy Maggie: Thanks For Being a Lifesaver: €5.53

You're All Fecking Amazing €3.50


Social Distance Hug €3.01+pp

Absolute Gobshite €3.50

Totally Rooting For You €3.84+pp


Happy Birthday from a Social Distance €3.55+pp

I've Bean Missing You €2.27+pp

Sending Hugs €3.25

Going Outside was Overrated Anyway €3.75+pp

21 From a Distance €4.00

And listen, if snail mail goes against every fibre of your being, why not opt for a personalised e-card with Moonpig?

Staying in e-card: £0.99

Happy Birthday from a Safe Social Distance e-card £0.99

Quentin Quarantino e-card £0.99

Oh, and when all this is over and you can finally see your friends in person to celebrate in style?

Well, why not be prepared with this little gem from Pretty Little Thing? We mean, they can hardly argue with that message, could they?

I Didn't Get You a Present €6.00