2019's top baby names list includes some surprising new additions 1 year ago

2019's top baby names list includes some surprising new additions

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The list of top baby names for 2019 has some new additions and if you're going to become a parent in the next couple of months, you might be interested in hearing what names are currently topping the charts.


Nameberry is a hugely popular baby name website that releases regular lists of the monikers making waves with their users.

Not only does it includes names that have been chosen by parents previously but it also gathers data from the baby names that get the most views on their pages, allowing them to calculate what choices are increasing/declining in popularity.

Although Olivia is still a major frontrunner for the top female name of 2019, Isla is following close behind. It's a Scottish name meaning 'island' and we have to say it is a truly gorgeous choice.

Some other names featuring in the Nameberry top list are Cleo, Margot, and Otillie.

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For boys then, it's all about Archie at the moment, no major surprise given that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, named their baby son Archie Harrison, lending to a major spike in this name from May onwards.

Milo is another one of their most popular choices, one of the 'top' names at the moment but some 'unique' choices are also trending, notably Amias, Cassian and Ambrose.


The top 100 girls and boys names are calculated depending on the amount of views each name page receives and if you want some information on the vast amount of names to choose from, check the current tallies out here.

We also have some a round-up of names popular during the festive season and they're all equally gorgeous too. Ivy is always a favourite...