Love is in the air – 3 sweet ways to make Valentine's at home feel special 8 months ago

Love is in the air – 3 sweet ways to make Valentine's at home feel special

Happy LOVE day!

However you feel about the commercialisation of this day, can we all agree that after the hellish 11 months we have all just lived through, we'll take ANY chance at a celebration at this stage?


So whether you are celebrating IRL or over Zoom, with an actual lover, or your work wife/bestie/sister/mum – we all deserve a little extra love and happy vibes today.

And the best bit? Given that we all have to celebrate at home, this Valentine's day can be all of the joy and fun – with zero of the stress/expensive meals out/FOMO.

Here are just three sweet ways you can mark this evening in a special way:

1. Organise a movie night

Pick a movie you both/all want to watch – and if you are sharing the experience over Zoom with someone, make sure you set a time too.

Now, get to work organising the bits you need for that proper movie night experience.

Buy proper popcorn and make it in a big pot (not microwave!). Now experiment with extra toppings and flavours – Pinterest is your friend here, and has tons of delicious combos and recipes to try.


Get your hands on all the cushions and blankets to make your sofa the comfiest spot in the house. Sort out your drinks, turn phones on silent, and turn off the lights. Enjoy the show!

2. Have a picnic

Food tastes better when eaten picnic style. And sure look we know the weather is currently freezing and wet, but that doesn't stop you from creating a cosy indoor picnic for two (or more).

Lay down blankets or a tablecloth, add cushions for comfort and make sure to kick off your sock and shoes when sitting down – picnic style is barefoot, after all.


Food-wise, opt for things like cheese, crackers, charcuterie boards, hummus, pitta, berries – and other romantic foods that are perfect for sharing. Oh – and don't forget the wine! Rosé screams picnic and summer, but by all means, bubbles will work perfectly too!

3. Plan your next epic trip or holiday

For many of us, one of the things we have missed the most this year, is travels and holidays abroad, be it a city break or a week spent soaking up the sun on a hot beach.


We may not know exactly when we can travel like that again, but that doesn't mean that we can't dream or make plans still.

Get out your favourite travel books, magazines or look up some travel shows on Netflix or YouTube. Read restaurant reviews, look up hotels, check out hashtags on Instagram for destinations you are dreaming about.

For the night that is in it, try to theme your food and drink to your destination too – and really let yourself get lost in planning and dreaming. Bon Voyage!