Love weddings? Well you could earn €800 a day from being a 'professional bridesmaid' 3 years ago

Love weddings? Well you could earn €800 a day from being a 'professional bridesmaid'

Yep, you didn't read that wrong.

A 'professional bridesmaid' is actually a full-time job and although a new career to this side of the world, it is something which has already taken off over in the US.


Now, when I first read "professional bridesmaid", I automatically thought of the movie 2009 movie, I Love You, Man, where a friendless groom goes on a series of dates to try and find a best man for his wedding. I thought a professional bridesmaid was just like a crowd filler basically, someone to stand in pictures and say a few words about the bride if, you ultimately had no friends yourself.

HOWEVER, I was quite mistaken, a professional bridesmaid is actually more like a wedding planner who just happens to be involved in the ceremony. From cake-tasting, to the hen night to simply getting people up to dance on the big day, these people are the secret to making sure your day and the journey up to it is as relaxed as possible.

What is EVEN better, according to, is that if you love weddings yourself, you could make some serious cash in just one day as a professional bridesmaid. With some earning up to €100 an hour and €800 to €900 for one day of work. Insane. are the people behind the new professional bridesmaid and groomsman service in the UK and are now offering the services of their professional team of wedding planners and event co-ordinaters fo £100 an hour.

So for people who are frightened their bridesmaids will do nothing for them or if they are simply too afraid to ask them to pull up their socks and help out more, this could be the perfect solution to avoid any petty fights and still have the best day EVER.


Hmmm, seems like a win win situation for both brides-to-be and bridesmaids with a knack for planning if you ask us.